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This isn’t always a simple topic – there is somebody who once told me that their network is very secured, they have a “firewall” that secures very well and they don’t need to perform any additional security tasks, well we all know that 80% of network attacks originate from inside the firewall – but on the other side somebody asked me if they can fiddle with ipv4 stack and tune kernel sysctl to prevent SYN flood, DoS etc. So, my point is that the decisions we make really depends on the person/customer you are dealing with and what level of configuration changes do they consider as secured?

Let us talk about some of the general design considerations of the virtual infrastructure capable of providing security functionality based on defined business needs across all the components that need to be secured.

  • Storage Security: understand various storage types, how does VMware ensure secure access to the LUNs and what prevents VMware virtual machines from accessing the LUNs directly?
  • Network Security: understand security considerations for VLANs, is securing VMware virtual machines with VLANs is an option or does the client ……. to be continued…

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    Raman Veeramraju