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Requirements and Recommendations

  • ESX/ESXi 3.5 or 4.0 – not the mix of both in a cluster
  • Only vSphere Standard, Advanced, Enterprise and Enterprise Plus versions are supported
  • multiple clusters in a datacenter
  • one vCenter 4.0 server
  • DRS, HA and VMotion are supported
  • FT and vSphere linked clones are not supported
  • minimum of 500MB available space in /var partition and 120MB available space in /usr partition
  • at least 1GB of RAM to vCenter Server
  • VMFS and NFS datastores are supported
  • Small number of large SAN VMFS partitions rather than a large number of small partitions
  • VMFS datastore must have enough space for chain of delta disks generated from VM operations and the chain cannot span multiple datastores.
  • LM Server requirements:Windows 2003 Standard or Enterprise SP1 or later + IIS 6.0 with ASP.Net and Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 SP1 or later (x86)2GB RAM, 1GHz or faster, 40GB of disk space (RAID 0+1 or 5 or 1)Cannot be a Windows domain controllerFQDN (avoid using IP address)ensure clock is in syncinstall on a VM (make sure no other VMware software or any other installed on the same VM)when installing LM, it requires a user account assigned a role in vCenter with at least the following privileges (with propagate to child objects)IE or Firefox – 1024X768IE –> Tools –> Internet Options –> Security –> Custom LevelDownload signed ActiveX controlsRun ActiveX controls and plug-insAllow META REFRESHActive scriptingAllow paste operations via scriptIE –> Tools –> Internet Options –> AdvancedPlay animations in web pagesFor Windows 2003 and IEAdd/Remove Windows Componentsdisable Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration option
  • Network requirementsLab Manager clients –> routable access to –> Lab Manager Server and ESX hostsLab Manager  –> vCenter must be direct HTTPS (without a proxy)no NAT between LM Server –> ESX/ESXi hosts.LM Server doesn’t have to be on the same subnet as ESX/ESXi hostsLM server – static IP addressBlock of unused IP addresses for VMsIP rangesubnet maskgateway for VMsDNS ServersDNS suffix
  • Security requ…[read more]
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