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I often ran into a situation where I would want to VMotion more than two VMs per host, which is the default limit. Here is how you can increase the default number of 2 VMotions per Host, but before we make the changes, let me explain what values make sense:

Each Cold Migration takes a cost value of 1, whereas the Hot Migration takes 4. The default values are 8 and hence it will allow only two hot migrations at a time. So, in order for me to hot migrate 8 VMs at a time, I need to set a cost value of 8X4=32. Since, this is a per host value set at the vCenter level, if you have two ESX hosts connected, you can perform 8 hot migrations per host i.e., 16 hot migrations between the two hosts. Figure out and test how many hot migrations you want to perform at a time and what load does it put on ESX hosts, before you set this value to something higher.

Now here are the steps to make the changes:

  • Login to the vCenter Server with administrative privileges
  • Make a backup copy of “C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\VMware\VMware VirtualCenter\vpxd.cfg”
  • Open vpxd.cfg file using wordpad and insert the following lines anywhere between and tags:
    • <ResourceManager>
    • <maxCostPerHost>
    • 32
    • </maxCostPerHost>
    • </ResourceManager>
  • Save the vpxd.cfg file
  • Restart the “VMware vCenter Server” service to apply the changes.

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